Reaching Out

Reaching Out

Late December 2018, after yet another falling out with my Mother, (and yes I use a capital because she is), I told my Father that never again would I return to their house. Some 8 months later, I saw him elsewhere to wish him happy birthday.

Fast forward another 22 months and I recorded a piece for him, prior to his birthday. At that time, a few weeks ago, I had no idea he would suffer a mild stroke and be hospitalised. I transcribed it to text a week ago.

Father is home again, recuperating. Greater Sydney remains in lockdown, and I am far away, as usual.

I share my words here


Father, Oh Father

Forever long we did not meet

I wonder, in the past if I sat at your feet

And listened as a boy, so quiet yet so bold

In marvel and awe of the stories you told?


I remember you wanted to travel and explore

Now I live your life – adventuring and more.

Are you jealous, I wonder, of your long lost son

Have you any words for me? Or perhaps you have none.


‘Free Spirited, reckless, careless’ perhaps

I’m not one to follow the way of the maps.

Sure, job security and money put food on the table

Yet I choose to keep exploring as long as I’m able

For one day I know, like you, I’ll have to sit.

But I choose for the moment, with my life

To make something of it


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