Crowabbit – Part 2

A tale of woe for big children

Do you think that crows think big
Or do you think the crows think small
Or perhaps a crow does not think at all
How can we know? What can we say?
Maybe a crow is on flight mode all day

Did you ever imagine when a poor rabbit dies
When it finally reaches the end on the road
So many birds would flock down from the skies?
From out of nowhere they just explode

It just goes to show that wherever you go
The crowds get rowdy, a very noisy bunch
Pushing, shoving, flapping high and low
Jostling and squawking for a free tasty lunch

Let us not choke, no, indeed
Who doesn’t crow about a free feed?
Sorry if this story seems a bit morbid
All crows die, each one a Corvid.

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