Age of Adventure

Occasionally there is someone who likes to remind me that I am fast approaching 60, and should be thinking more carefully about what I do. But hey, at what age in life should one be seeking to live their dream, or chasing their best life?

I have been so blessed to be currently ‘stuck’ in a country where, to me, everything is fresh, new and different. A plan? There is none! I am simply open to new experiences, new friends, and enjoying a full life. Sure, things do sometimes go wrong, or, more appropriately, not according to expectations. Yet I would not have it any other way.

Almost every day is new, interesting, and fun. Along the way, sometimes there is an opportunity to help others, show support or give my time, or help connect someone to another person who can assist. And this can be anywhere, since we are all connected, globally. Ironically, there is one thing in this world that is a constant. Its Change. Nothing prepares you for Change, other than life itself.

You need to embrace it, own it, love it. Change – its always there. Life changes, work changes, your partner changes, your children change. Keep moving. Forward. Adapt, and blaze your own trail.

Don’t strive to survive. Instead, thrive.


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