Kimberley Dawn

I rose early with moon and stars still bright above me

The nearby trees were statues, silhouetted against a rose horizon

The air was still as I laboured my way to the peak


The trees below me now we’re green amid sand that bound their roots

Mountains beyond mountains were hazy blue with distance

A gentle breeze fingered a pink flowered shrub and set it nodding

And my conciousness floated away with its motion


I dreamed of my woman below me wrapped in blankets in bed

My thoughts turned amorous and I longed to be with her

A bird rushed past my ear and my dreams winged away

Wakefulness returned as the sun tore at the end of the night

It’s red fire touched tiny clouds and set them ablaze


With awe I watched as the massive red sphere rose majestic

And hung poised above the mountains in indecision

A cockatoo called out to it’s Creator and was answered

Together we saw the sun climb higher and relax to a golden glow


The dull sandstone turned yellow gold before my eyes

And I looked along its curve as it circled the plain

Upon which a monolith stood motionless, it’s shadow dark over the forest

The shadow was creeping quietly back to its maker, forever hiding from the moving sun


I stretched my gaze to the horizon and found it to be endless

The scene touched my senses and I gathered it’s colours

With which to paint it’s portrait and press it in my memory

In spirit I prayed for my lady, wishing for her presence

That together we might cry out our ecstasy from the mount

She waits with patience yonder and silently I move to meet her


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